Healthcare software

You take care of people: we take care of the rest!

One central database for all your processes, especially for the healthcare industry.

Cashless payments

Quick payments and no change money is ideal in your care center, especially with many residents.

Multiple locations

Even if your organization spans multiple locations, you can manage these from one system.

Debet cards

Cards to shop with, that can easily be upgraded online


Discounts in amount or percentage. Also programmable on debtor level.

Staff planning

Quickly plan your personnel through the capacity, availability, and clients.

Online upgrades

With Elli Zorg you can upgrade and sell online, even on mobile!


Comprehensive real-time revenue-processing and presentation (e.g. revenue/number of washings).

27/7 support

7 days a week 365 days a year, you can count on us. We provide service remotely or on site.

One stop shopping

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V. you can find both software as well as hardware for your hospitalities and shops. Scanners, touchscreen cash registers and, for example, wristbands to quickly log in for your employees are possible. We completely provide you with everything you need, so that you can get right to it!

Worldwide ease

From every location you can access your data, safe and trust in the same environment as you’re used to at the office. You always have direct insight into the sales, revenue, reservations, and all rapports.

Kiosk - Restaurant

Haagse Wijk en woonzorg

In many of our establishment, we have a kiosk/restaurant where residents can sit with their family to eat and drink. Payments can be made in cash, via an online upgradeable card. This makes it easy for the residents. We can also keep track of stock and place orders.

All possibilities you wish for in a single packet

  • Fully web based system.
  • user-friendly touchscreen cash register.
  • Certified check-out devices (NFC) and cashless payments.
  • Elaborate Loyalty-system which can be used for things like mailings.
  • Online sales and upgrading of debit cards, also on mobile.
  • Coupling with e.g. Afas, Exact, Accountview, SAP, etc.
  • Cashless payments in all its facets.
  • Sales through internet or kiosk.
  • Business Intelligence (BI-tool).
  • Dutch, German, English, and French.
  • Access, hospitalities, and store sales


Business Intelligence tool en marketingtool


At Business Intelligence, we only use data collected at your care center, making the software unique. By combining your statistics with your history, we’re able to make a realistic prediction; how many guests you can expect, which gifts are most often purchased, and how much personnel is ideal? Prevent surprises and save costs. In short, use the Business Intelligence tool.

Wifi handheld

Geef snel draadloos bestellingen door aan de keuken. Wanneer u bevestigd, worden de bestellingen gelijk getoond op het keukenscherm. Snel, eenvoudig te bedienen en zeer klantvriendelijk.

Touchscreen kassa

De zeer gebruiksvriendelijke en eenvoudig te bedienen touchscreen kassa is ideaal voor uw kiosk in uw zorgcentra. De compacte vormgeving en vele uitbreidingsmogelijkheden maken hem uitermate geschikt voor de horeca.