Swimmingpool software

A fresh dive in tomorrows technologie

One central database for all your processes, especially for the Swimmingpool industry.


Access control through tourniquets or scanners via RFID, bar code or magnetic stripe.


The barrier of your parking lot can easily be opened with a barcode or subscription pass.


Comprehensive real-time revenue-processing and presentation (e.g. revenue/number of visitors)


Discounts in amount or percentage. Also programmable on debtor level.


Groups can book through a portal or via a callcenter.


Customers can choose and pay for their own products.

Subscription pass

Year- & month-passes or another period are all options.

27/7 support

7 days a week 365 days a year, you can count on us. We provide service remotely or on site.

One stop shopping

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V. you can find both software as well as hardware for your swimming pools. Scanners, touchscreen cash registers and, for example, wristbands to quickly log in for your employees are possible.We completely provide you with everything you need, so that you can get right to it!

Worldwide ease

From every location you can access your data, safe and trust in the same environment as you’re used to at the office. You always have direct insight into the sales, revenue, reservations, and all rapports.

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De Haan IT Nederland B.V. offers us a complete solution, from our entree to the hospitalities to our coupling with Plan Plan. Everything from a single system!

Alle mogelijkheden die u wenst in één pakket

  • Access, hospitalities, and store sales.
  • Lengthening subscriptions and automatic payments.
  • Access control through a scanner or tourniquet.
  • Student following system coupled with Plan Plan.
  • Elaborate reports with prognosis
  • Sales through internet or kiosk.
  • Customer cards with monetary balance
  • Arrangements sales incl. vouchers.
  • Manage reservations
  • Cashless payments in all its facets.
  • Locker systems with wrist bands.
  • Coupling with e.g. Afas, Exact, Accountview, SAP, etc.

Business Intelligence tool en marketingtool


At Business Intelligence, we only use data collected at your pools, making the software unique. By combining your statistics with, for example, weather forecasts, we’re able to make a realistic prediction; how many guests you can expect, which arrangements are most often reserved, and how much personnel is ideal? Prevent unexpected hustle and save costs. In short, use the Business Intelligence tool

Wrist band

With a personal wrist band, your visitor can open his or her locker, place orders in your hospitalities, and receive arrangements. Everything is centrally registered directly into the cash register system, so that your visitor can pay the sum at the end of the day.

Touchscreen cash register

This user-friendly and easily operated touchscreen cash register is ideal for your pools. The compact shape and many upgrades make it particularly suitable to all you could wish for.