Software solutions

Simplicity was never easier!

Business intelligence tool and marketing tool


At Business Intelligence, we only use data collected at your restaurant, making the software unique. By combining your statistics with, for example, weather forecasts, we’re able to make a realistic prediction; how many guests you can expect, which arrangements are most often reserved, and how much personnel is ideal? Prevent unexpected hustle and save costs. In short, use the Business Intelligence tool.

De Haan IT Nederland B.V.’s virtue is that she is not only active in 9 different branches, but that she also knows these through and through. This is recognizable, so that you substantively look at the software.

De Haan IT Nederland B.V. couples a good and wide basis with the possibility of tailored work. Modules can easily be configured, because if you don’t do anything with it, then you have no use for it. With further developments, these can easily be activated. Many relations only realize the vastness of possibilities with De Haan IT Nederland B.V. software once, after an expansion of activities, they discover that the needed functionalities have been theirs for years. Dormant on the server, only to awake spectacularly. No new installations or new costs. Periodically, customers of De Haan IT Nederland B.V. receive an update delivered through a well thought-out plan: from the base, per branch, per customer, and sometimes even per client. But always your specific configuration keeps on “rolling”. And that’s the way it should be. Software is no burden, but a must!

De Haan IT Nederland B.V. Software can easily be coupled with ERP-systems and/or Financial packets. De Haan IT Nederland B.V. has a lot of experience with those. Even here we’re very focused on the customer: we adapt to the wishes of the customer in this area.

Data is beautiful, but it is much more important to turn it into information. Even more important: management information. Easily accessible, easy to read. For example: how many customers do you have now (real-time!), how many cars are in the parking lot, what’s the revenue per restaurant? But it gets even more fun when we link to revenue to other variables and produce prognoses. How much revenue can you expect tomorrow (e.g. a Thursday), with which we take weather forecasts into account. Compared to last week’s revenue, last month’s, last year’s, etc. And what does that mean for your purchases or your personnel management? Activate more or fewer work forces?

De Haan IT Nederland B.V. software is incredibly versatile. Even for you, we have the correct solution.


Quick and easy to use via a touchscreen.

Till and receipt printer

A cash register isn’t complete without a till and a receipt printer.

Connecting and expanding

Multiple cash registers and establishments can easily be coupled to a single system. In addition, there are multiple upgrades, like kitchen screens and customer displays.

Magnetic card reader

Debit cards, client cards, and gift certificates can quickly be read.

Acces control

With a valid ticket of entry or a subscription pass, a visitor can visit your museums. The number of visitors is immediately registered, and you can control the number of visitors in the museum.

One stop shopping

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V. you can find both software as well as hardware for your museums.  Scanners, touchscreen cash registers and, for example, wristbands to quickly log in for your employees are possible. We completely provide you with everything you need, so that you can get right to it!

Worldwide ease

From every location you can access your data, safe and trust in the same environment as you’re used to at the office. You always have direct insight into the sales, revenue, reservations, and all rapports.