About us

General information about De Haan IT Nederland B.V.

Our goal: bundling data, automating proceedings & simplifying things.

De onderneming


The company is with around 30 employees small and dynamic. The team spirit is high, and everyone has his or her own function within it. The company works professionally and offers all space for creativity. The atmosphere is informal. Successes are communally shared, during setbacks, everyone chips in to turn it into a success.

Since July first 2016, De Haan IT Nederland B.V. has become property of a new mother: De Haan IT Nederland B.V. IT International B.V., which is the property of Groupe Cullinan SA, located in Switzerland.
This step has been taken to give De Haan IT Nederland B.V. the freedom to  optimally evolve. Thanks to this, a new era has started for De Haan IT Nederland B.V..

An era characterized by:
I:    A strong (international) growth and the
II:   Professionalization of the organization

Ambitions are high within De Haan IT Nederland B.V.. The first half year of 2016 has ended with a strong growth in comparison to the first half year of 2015 (+ 24 %).  The prospects of the second half year are also positive.

Being De Haan IT Nederland B.V., we will internationalize the following years, after we’ve set foot in Germany, Belgium, and France in previous years.
The new structure grants us space for that. Not only has De Haan IT Nederland B.V. B.V.’s own capital grown since the acquisition, but there has also been chosen for an international structure.

With the take-over by De Haan IT Nederland B.V. IT International B.V. our name has changed from De Haan IT Nederland B.V. B.V. to De Haan IT Nederland B.V. IT Nederland B.V. (the KvK number has remained the same). The new structure will be implemented completely July 2016.
With this, we will definitely move beyond the Netherlands: the market will be Europe primarily, with a focus on Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. But we will naturally think about other European countries too. We will even set foot in territories outside of Europe (Middle East, Far Eat). That will make different demands and require efforts of our Commercial Department. Here we have been quite busy already with these plans, and expect that in the autumn of 2016 the whole will be clear and presentable.

The next few months, De Haan IT Nederland B.V.’s organization will be further developed and professionalized.
To illustrate, a new Manager CIO has been appointed, who will be responsible for the architure of the various software packets and the further developments thereof, because at De Haan IT Nederland B.V. we want to stay ahead when it comes to software.

Furthermore, this function covers the development and realization of the policy towards a predictable software development life-cycle, version management, (general, nationally, customer-level, branches etc.) as well as hiring and inspiring our software developers.
To ensure De Haan IT Nederland B.V. stays ahead in the market, De Haan IT Nederland B.V. will invest in research to give our customers the lead that they are accustomed to with our products.

The software group will be split into two groups:

The group daily working on improving and developing our software products. We want to be inspired by our customers, but we want to inspire them too. That is what we are known for: innovation.

The group daily working with our customers: delivering tailored work, coupling with ERP or financial packets, coupling with hardware, testing software, and new application, etc. And besides that, the presentation of data, gathered with our software, with BI-tools. This is what we are also known for: not thinking from a given standard, but thinking in terms of a customer’s individual needs.

The focus

The focus of both groups may be different, but we’re going to work hard for the next few months on a simple work process in the areas of completion, development, documentation, and the coming of a simple and unambiguous process.

Both groups will consist of De Haan IT Nederland B.V. employees, because we find it essential to have this knowhow in the house. Because of this, we will develop the organization on short-term with new employees. Even so in the areas of BI-tools, databases, hardware, and software coupling with many other packages. This knowhow is tightly connected to our core products and the user-friendliness for our customers.

The Customer Service will be more professionalized too. We do not only want to be known for an exquisite product, but also for our great service. The further outline of this department won’t be easy, because some problems reported by customers are easy to solve, whilst others are much more fundamental. Some problems are actually wishes, others can undermine the state of affairs. Some issues appear to be software-related, but later turn out to be hardware issues. However, in all cases we want to quickly and adequately speak with the customer and couple the correct internal knowhow quickly to the specific problem.

We are going to position the implementation even clearer. A team, responsible for the implementation of our software products via clear templates, who initiate trainings etc. With them, the customer first discovers the party, as a collaboration with De Haan IT Nederland B.V. should be.