Carwash Software

Everything in a single system, so that you can work cleanly

One central database for all your processes, especcialy for the Carwash Industry

Licence plate recognition

The barrier can be opened through license plate recognition, a washing pass, or the payment terminal.

Carwash software

We provide user-friendly software for your carwash devices and wash boxes.

Washing pass

A washing pass with a balance or a subscription for a certain period are part of the options.


Discounts in amount or percentage. Also programmable on debtor level.


Through the payment kiosk, customers can choose and pay for their own products and washing programs.

Upgrade online

With Elli Car wash, you can upgrade online and sell washing cards, also on mobile!


Comprehensive real time revenue processing and presentation (e.g. revenue/number of washes).

27/7 support

7 days a week 365 days a year, you can count on us. We provide service remotely or on site.

One stop shopping

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V. you can find both software as well as hardware for your carwash. Scanners, touchscreen cash registers and, for example, wristbands to quickly log in for your employees are possible. We completely provide you with everything you need, so that you can get right to it!

Worldwide ease

From every location you can access your data, safe and trust in the same environment as you’re used to at the office. You always have direct insight into the sales, revenue, reservations, and all rapports.

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Quick check-out through license plate recognition ensures better service, quality and an increase of the turnaround time. Those were my basic principles. Thanks to De Haan IT Nederland B.V., the software of my carwash is amazing!

All possibilities you wish for in a single packet

  • Completely web based system.
  • User-friendly touchscreen cash register.
  • Certified check-out devices (NFC) and a coupling with your tanking card.
  • Elaborate Loyalty-system which can be used for things like mailings.
  • Online sales and upgrading washing passes, also on mobile


  • Coupling with diverse accounting programs like Lodder and Extendas.
  • Coupled with every brand of car wash.
  • Business Intelligence (BI-tool).
  • Dutch, German, English, and French.
  • Barrier and shutter drivers through license plate recognition


Business Intelligence tool en marketingtool


At Business Intelligence, we only use data collected in your car wash, making the software unique. By combining your statistics with, for example, weather forecasts, we’re able to make a realistic prediction; By combining your statistics with, for example, weather forecasts, we’re able to make a realistic prediction;, which program sells best, and how much personnel is ideal? Prevent unexpected hustle and save costs. In short, use the Business Intelligence tool.

Slimme armband

Your employee can easily log in to the payment system through a smart wristband. Through a unique combination, the cash register recognizes the wristband and immediately signs in your employee and loads his preferences.

Self-service cash register

Let your customers check out quickly and easily with the self service kiosk. Your customer easily chooses the washing program, pays for it in his preferred method, and the washing card comes out of the terminal. Ideal for your car wash!