Our mission

De Haan IT Nederland B.V. desires to stay ahead in payment, reservation, and ticket software in nine different branches. De Haan IT Nederland B.V. stands for innovation, customer focus, good quality, and excellent service.

Our goal: bulding data, automating proceedings & simplifying things.


Thanks to her vast knowledge of branches, De Haan IT Nederland B.V. is able to be a frontrunner in its active branches. With this, we want to enhance the competitive edge of our customers.

Customer focus

Besides solid financial transactions, the care of online management information and marketing & sales activity based on the expansive database is increasingly more important. De Haan IT Nederland B.V. combines a substantial standard software packet with tailor-made software on request, which will remain manageable with future updates.

Good quality

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V., we aim for stable and robust software. Our customers have to be able to rely on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Excellent service

At De Haan IT Nederland B.V., the Helpdesk, Helpdesk & Support, and the Technical Installation, Configuration & Implementation are ready  to support customers if they encounter a problem. Even in the weekends, even at the site. We understand that the business is of great importance to the customer, and that they often deal with a large number of consumers.